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Healthy eating and fitness is the way to go.Sun, 07 Nov 2010 07:06:31 +0000enhourly1 Are Rip offs, 07 Aug 2010 06:56:31 +0000Admin guest by fellow fitness blogger Patrick Linehan. If you too would like to contribute then contact us here.

I’m shocked at what people get away with these days. People can make the most ridiculous unsubstantiated claims with little to no repercussions at all.

Well, tell me something. Why are you buying a diet that wasn’t designed for you? Did you know that you have a UNIQUE body type? Did you know that YOUR body has different needs than 66.6% of the rest of people? Did you know that YOUR body will react differently to food than AT LEAST 66.6% of the rest of people? Well why don’t you know that? Because nobody says it. Diet makers and so-called “gurus” sure as heck aren’t going to tell you. Why? That makes their job MUCH more difficult. If people knew how unique their individual needs are, they would start demanding more in-depth, personalized coaching instead of just a diet that was created to sell to the masses. If you’re a man who is 50 pounds overweight and wants to get ripped and have a beach body others are envious of…and you find out that you’re being sold the same diet as the new mother who just wants to lose the extra body fat gained during pregnancy, then you’d be pretty upset and hopefully keep that money in your wallet! On the flip-side take the new mother who wants to get that body that makes people think she’s lying about being a mother. She wants to get that booty firm and toned again. Now when she gets sold the same diet as the “fat man” and is told the diet will work for her she just “needs to eat smaller portions”, then it starts to make sense why the obesity rate is so out of control in America.

If the TRUTH got out that 93% of diets either FAIL TO GET RESULTS or FAIL TO SUSTAIN MEASURABLE RESULTS FOR LONGER THAN 6 MONTHS then there’s a lot of diet makers out there that would go BROKE! Instead what they’ll do is tell you that their diet is REVOLUTIONARY and is based on SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS that will “BLOWTORCH” body fat or “TRANSFORM YOUR BODY” quicker than you can say “I quit, where’s my pizza?”. We’ve all heard those catch phrases and sales pitches. How long are you going to continue to fall for them?

I’m going to give you some FACTS that you should know and that should raise your level of expectation when it comes to getting fit. Mind you, when I say “get fit” I mean “GET FIT”. I don’t just mean losing a few pounds. I mean gaining lean muscle, shedding fat, and getting the body you’ve always dreamed of. PERIOD. And that IS NOT a catch phrase or sales pitch. There are thousands and thousands of diets out there that you can go on and possibly get some results. So you can hop around and hope for the best. You might find one that will help you fall into that 7% success rate. Oh, but then you have to worry about KEEPING those results once you stop the diet. Good luck with that.

1. There are 3 main BODY TYPES that people fall into. Some people even fall into more than one category.

2. The PROPORTIONS of proteins, carbohydrates and fats needed for each of these BODY TYPES is different.

3. The QUANTITIES of proteins, carbohydrates and fats needed WITHIN each of these body types varies by INDIVIDUAL.

4. The proportions AND quantities of these nutrients is different whether you are MALE or FEMALE

5. Your nutrition needs are DIFFERENT based on your AGE. At each level of advancement in age, there are certain nutrients that we lose that we must consciously focus on replenishing if you want to stay in OPTIMUM SHAPE.

6. Your nutrition needs are DIFFERENT depending on your LEVEL OF FITNESS including what EXERCISE ROUTINE you are currently on. Your body needs different fuel at different times to maximize results.

7. Your body needs DIFFERENT levels of fuel on days that you EXERCISE compared to days that you DO NOT.


Sound confusing? Well, to the untrained eye it can be. And we are so conditioned now to want a “miracle pill” or “easy fix”. But the truth is, weight loss is not easy. If it were, EVERYONE would be on the beach with six pack abs. Everyone would have well toned arms. Everyone….well, you get the picture.

So, no it’s not easy. But it CAN be SIMPLE. But you need your individual body’s needs seriously accounted for. Your grandma’s diet, your friend’s weight loss plan, your gym buddy’s “muscle gaining shakes” might not work for you. That’s just the facts. So you can keep falling for the advertisements and marketing schemes that tell you they’ve found the “breakthrough discovery that will melt away the fat and give you six pack abs”…or you can get real and realize the only weight you’ll be losing with those products is the weight you carry in your wallet.

If you don’t have a coach to walk you through every step of the way, then you need one. A coach that doesn’t just tell you “here, eat this”, but gives you an exact blueprint of what YOU need for YOUR body to excel. A coach that is willing to EDUCATE you so that you NEVER have to rely on another diet. This is the type of coaching and CUSTOMIZED nutrition I provide at Stop wasting time with cookie cutter plans and get real.

]]> of fruits for your health, 21 Jul 2010 18:23:03 +0000Admin guest post provided by a fellow blogger, if you too would like to see your article then apply here.

Fruits should be an important part of our daily diet. They play a vital role to one’s health. Fruits benefit you in controlling your body weight and keep you energetic. Most of the fruits are laxatives naturally as they give you a lot of fibre that keeps your body’s digestive system healthy by removing many wastes from the body. The high amount of fibre in fruits is very useful to the patients of constipation and diarrhoea. Also it helps in lowering the cholesterol levels of the body thus maintaining the overall weight. It is also studied that a balanced and rich in fruits diets can be the best acne treatment.

This, in turn, indirectly saves you from many heart problems such as strokes and high blood pressure. Fruits also contain vitamins, and vitamins too are necessary for your body along with other nutrients. These vitamins help your skin stay fresh, protect your body’s cells from wear and tear, stabilize your eyesight etc. Vitamins A, C, E is also known as antioxidants that protect your body from the damage. Antioxidants are also powerful for the body against cancer.

In this modern world, not only women but men too are very concerned about their skin freshness and overall ageing process. Especially women are worried about their beauty too. Fruits help them by slowing the wrinkling process. Fruits contain great amount of water. This water present in the fruits along with the vitamins present in them keeps your skin healthy. Getting known of all the benefits of fruits, this should also be kept in mind that no single fruit provide all the useful things or beneficiaries. Variety of fruits in your diet is also necessary. For staying healthy, fresh fruits are considered. Many canned fruits are also available, but they can harm you instead. The best way to consume fruit is raw, but fruit juice is as healthy as eating it in raw form.

]]> is a Delicious and Healthy Option for Lunch, 16 Jun 2010 08:55:09 +0000Admin guest post by: David Fishman

When it comes to preparing something delicious, cheap, and nutritious, I really have to recommend sushi. Sushi is a delightfully delicious bit of Japanese cuisine that can be really fun and satisfying to cook yourself. Going out to sushi bars can be fun, but costs a lot. If you learn how to make your own sushi, you’ll be able to save money, eat great and keep the kitchen cool in the summer, because don’t forget-sushi uses RAW fish. That means no cooking, which means a nice cool kitchen Plus, you’ll feel great after eating something light and tasty instead of heavy and greasy.

Sushi can have many different ingredients, but usually consists of a few base ingredients. You’ll need special short-grained Japanese sushi rice, nori, (flattened sheets of green seaweed) and fillings to put in the sushi roll. You’ll also need some rice vinegar, sugar and salt to add seasoning to the rice. You can get all of these things at your well-stocked local supermarket except for the nori, which you may need to go to an Asian market for. If you don’t live near an Asian market, you can look online for a sushi food supplier. You will also need a very sharp chef’s knife or santoku. A bamboo mat is helpful, but not necessary, and can also be found at an Asian grocer. Some common sides for sushi include soy sauce for dipping, wasabi paste (the spicy green suff!) and pickled ginger (which helps clear the palate between different sushi).

The first step is prepare the sushi rice, since it has the greatest preparation time. You need to rinse the rice very thoroughly and then let it soak in water for around 30 minutes. The soaking allows water to soften the rice grains and will make the rice cook properly. I find that 2 cups of rice prepares around 4 full maki rolls (or around 32 pieces of sushi).

While the rice is soaking is an ideal time to prepare your components. The most traditional base ingredient is raw fish. Common species used include yellowfin tuna, salmon, squid or eel. Make sure your fish is very fresh (never frozen!) and preferably sashimi-grade. Go to your supermarket and ask if they have sashimi-grade fish. If they doesn’t know what you’re talking about, go somewhere else! I like to buy all my fish at the Asian market because I know it’s fresh and is of the proper quality for making sushi. In addition to fish, sushi often contains other ingredients to add different flavors or textures like avocado, cucumber, green onion, cream cheese and spicy sauces. Feel free to get a little inventive when it comes to putting ingredients into your sushi roll, as long as you keep it under 3 ingredients or so. I’ve also had delicious vegetarian sushi rolls that featured bananas, sweet potatoes or tofu. You’re going to need around an 8′ long strip of each one of your ingredients. How thick you cut them depends on how many ingredients you want in your roll, but i find around 1/4th inch square is pretty good for three ingredients. Here is where the health benefits of sushi really shine, because you’re basically just eating rice, a little bit of dried seaweed, and some lean fish, full of Omega-3 fatty acids (good for you!) and what vegetables or fruits you stick in.

Next you need to cook the rice. The rice should be prepared in a rice cooker which will make perfect rice AND keep your kitchen cool, but if you don’t have a rice cooker, you’ll have to make do with a microwave or stovetop. Preparing Japanese sushi rice in the microwave can be very difficult and I would strongly suggest you use the stovetop method if you don’t have a rice cooker. Place the rice in a medium sized pot with the water level just slightly above the rice level. Bring the rice to a boil, stirring often. Do NOT let the rice stick to the bottom or side of the pan. After the water level is down below the rice level, cover the pot and put it on slight heat for 8-9 minutes.

While the rice is cooking, you can create the rice seasoning from the rice vinegar, sugar and salt. It’s this mixture that gives sushi rice its notable sweet and sour flavor, so it’s very important to get this right, but thankfully, it’s not especially {toughtrickydifficult] to get right. When I’m preparing 2 cups of rice, I like to use 3.5 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of salt. Put all the ingredients in a small saucepan and heat until the sugar and salt dissolve. Do not let the mixture start to boil; it should never get that hot. Stir the mixture to try to make the sugar and salt dissolve completely and then keep it on very low heat until the rice is ready

When the rice is done, remove it from the pot into a wooden bowl. Treat the rice carefully-you don’t want to crush any of the grains. If any rice is stuck to the side or bottom of the pot, leave it. You don’t want any damaged rice in the sushi. It’s important to use a wooden bowl because the vinegar seasoning is about to be added in and the vinegar may react with the metal. With the rice in the bowl, drizzle the seasoning over it and cut it in (don’t stir!) with a wooden spoon. You are just trying to coat the grains of rice with the mixture. If you stir too enthusiastically, you may damage the grains.

Let the rice cool for a while. You need room temperature rice to work with when making sushi. I like to use this time to prepare the rest of my ingredients if I haven’t done so already. I also like to pick up the kitchen at this time (you’ll be shocked how much mess you’ve made in the last 5 steps). In a sushi restaurant this usually is the time when a chef’s assistant will actually fan the rice to help it to cool down more quickly.

When the rice is cool, take a small ball of it and spread it over the bottom 5/6ths of the nori, which should be on the bamboo mat if you have one. Nori has two sides, a shiny side and a rough side. Make sure you have the shiny side down. The rice should be spread thinly enough to still see little bits of green through the rice, although you can spread it thicker than that if you have only one ingredient. When you have only the little bit of nori left bare at the top, you’re good. It helps to spread the sticky rice by keeping a small bowl of water nearby to dip your fingers into, so they don’t stick and get messy.

Lay your ingredients near the middle-bottom of the nori. Roll up the bottom section of the nori over the ingredients. If you have a bamboo mat, use it to make sure the roll has equal pressure applied on it and is packed tightly. Continue shifting the bamboo mat to roll up more and more of the sushi roll. When you reach the part with no rice, you can roll it over and seal it with a bit of water. Then, use a sharp knife to cut the sushi roll in half. A slight sawing motion is needed and it helps if the knife is dipped into hot water first. Double up the two halves and cut THEM in half to make quarters, and each quarter in half to make eighths. Arrange your sushi rolls on a plate and serve with soy sauce, and wasabi and ginger if you desire. Enjoy!

David Fishman is a blogger and sushi lover from Atlanta, GA. Check out his  website How To make Sushi At Home and follow him as he blogs about  awesome sushi recipes, more in-depth instructions about how to make  sushi, pces to get sushi equipment, amazing pictures of  homemade sushi and the ongoing story of his journey to become a sushi master.  You can also submit pictures of YOUR homemade sushi and he’ll feature  them on his site.

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]]> to include in a diet when trying to lose weight, 20 Apr 2010 05:25:55 +0000kirstenw Jack blogs about how to lose weight  in a way that is healthy, natural and safe.

Much of weight loss has to do with the foods in which we eat. It is quite obvious that if we overeat then we are probably going to put on extra pounds. Add into the mix a sedentary lifestyle and it can be quite difficult to keep the pounds from accumulating on your body.  However, what most people do not know is that there are several foods they can actually aid in weight loss.

The following are just a few of these foods that have been shown to help lose weight. Eggs often get a bad reputation when it comes to your health. Every other year a study comes out saying that eggs are bad for you, and then the next year they produce another study which says they’re actually good for you. Many of these studies focus on the cholesterol in eggs and the harm that it may cause to your heart. However, many studies show that eggs can actually be quite good for you. Eggs are high in protein and can help you feel fuller for longer period of time. Simply by including eggs in your breakfast you may end up consuming fewer calories throughout the day.

Oats are another type of food that can help you lose weight because of the fibre they contain. Studies have shown that foods high in fibre can actually aid in weight loss because the fibre helps pull the fats found in other foods through the digestive system with it. Oats are also digested very slowly and can help you stay fuller longer. Wild salmon is another great food for weight loss. Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids which can improve insulin sensitivity and  actually helps decrease belly fat.

Chillies are another food which is great for helping you lose weight. One of the main benefits of eating foods high in chillies is that spicy food usually has to be eaten much slower. Eating food slowly helps fool the brain into thinking you are full in a shorter amount of time. Also, chillies contain capsicum which as been proven to increase the body’s metabolism. This increased metabolism will help you burn off more calories and increase your weight loss. Finally, one of the best foods that you can consume is plain yoghurt. Plain yoghurt helps stave off hunger by keeping blood sugar levels in the body steady.Instituting these foods into your diet will greatly increase the chance of weight loss. Slowly work these foods into your existing menu to help your body adjust to the change.

This is a guest post by Jack.

There’s lots of people in this world who spend so much time watching their health that they haven’t the time to enjoy it.