Weight Loss: Finding Time to Exercise

Weight Loss: Finding Time to Exercise

Workout Tips

Here''s a great article about exercise programs which talks about all the ways that exercise helps you lose weight and get in shape fast. Basically, the healthier your diet and the more calories you burn by increasing your metabolism, the more weight you''ll lose. Of course, with some extra help from a real good workout program, things will go even faster. Read on for more advice on finding the best exercise regimen for you.

Exercising During CommercialsI''m getting up an hour earlier these days. At first I said I''dnever be able to do it: I was already sleep deprived rising at 6AM how would I ever get up at 5 AM? I''d never be able to get tosleep earlier (this is still true), and a hundred other reasonswhy it wouldn''t work. And then I tried it, and it does work. I''mstill sleep deprived, but that extra hour in the morning is aGodsend. I love it.How do you Present Ideas to Yourself?So why did it take me so long to "just do it?" Probably the way Ipresented the idea to myself.

Notice I used words such as "never"and "already" as in "I''m already sleep deprived." I kept tellingmyself it wouldn''t work, that it was a bad idea and until thefirst time I actually tried it, I secretly believed when thealarm rang, I''d just turn it off and go back to sleep. I''dforgotten how much I enjoy getting up early. Mornings are my besttime of day. I''m the most productive in the morning so it makessense to give myself an extra hour.I Don''t Have Time to ExerciseSometimes a small adjustment in how you run your day can helpenormously in freeing up some time for things like exercise. "Idon''t have time." I hear that a lot, but if asked, "What''s yourfavorite TV show?" most people can list a few -- hours spentsitting and watching.

TIP: As you can tell by reading this, there''s a lot of stuff to know when you''re deciding whether or not to use this approach. In the meantime, be careful choosing which foods you eat, determine how much fat is in a serving portion, and balance your body''s nutritional requirements so as to maximize fat reduction over total weight loss.

There''s nothing wrong with enjoying someTV, but there''s also no reason you can''t exercise during thecommercials.When I was a kid and it was my turn to clean the house, I made agame out of it. I loved TV, watching probably six or seven hoursa day then, so missing a show to clean was not going to happen.So I''d clean during commercials. Today there are over 20 minutesof commercial time during each hour of the show. That''s plenty oftime for getting things done. As soon as the show broke forcommercial, I''d jump from my chair and dash to wherever I''d leftoff.

I''d bring in laundry and fold it while I watched. I''d ironin front of the TV, I''d bring in piles of miscellaneous debrisfrom other rooms and sort it into piles for where it belonged,then on the next commercial I''d go put things away.I''d move from one room to the next, carrying things that belongedthere with me, and returning with things that did not. Eventuallythe house was clean, and hadn''t missed my programs.If you enjoy TV, consider how much time there is available duringthe commercials and start using it. Whether for exercise orcleaning, or anything else you need to get done: responding tocorrespondence, studying, paying bills, grooming the cat - thereare lots of little chores we need to do, no reason we can''t carrythem into our TV room and get them done.Turn TV Time into "Get Fit" TimeYou can turn your TV room into a fitness room easily. A cushyfloor mat, if the room isn''t carpeted.

A pair of dumbbells ortwo. Empty bleach jugs make good dumbbells, but be careful ifthey are only partially full of sand, dirt or water (whatever youuse to fill them with something to create the weight), as if theweight shifts during the movement you could injure yourself.Canned food make good homemade weights. I have half pound and onepound cans, heavier can may be too difficult to hold. Go on ascouting expedition around your house and see what you find thatcould work as weights then store them behind the couch and startusing them. Twice a week or three times, consistently, and you''llstart noticing a change within a short time - usually in a monthor six weeks definitely.My first exercise equipment was a pair of dumbbells, a one poundand a five pound set.

You don''t have to have a fully equippedhome gym to exercise at home.Push ups are an incredible exercise, men''s and women''s style. Nospecial equipment needed, just get on the floor and start.Standing squats (pretend you are going to sit in a chair, thenstop at about or before chair level, and return to standingstraight). There are even books written for exercising on thecommercial breaks. I put together a page with a few of the booksI''ve found which present this concept such as "The CommercialBreak Workout: Trim and Tone Two Minutes at a Time" by Linda Buchand Seth Anne Snider-Copley.Grab some Extra Minutes and Get StartedI wanted to get up an hour earlier so I could work out in themornings. When I exercise first thing, nothing else interferes.No matter what comes up, it doesn''t take away from my fitnessprogram.

Unexpected calls or invitations, traffic jams, "There''sno bread," yells my son who still thinks it''s my job to keep thepantry stocked, so I need to run to the store, nothing ruins myday''s plan to ride my bike or lift weights. The consistency of aregular exercise program just makes me feel good - you might findit does the same for you, and if you have had a difficult timefinding time - make time. Grab some extra minutes duringcommercials on TV, get up earlier, find whatever works for you.Write it on your calendar, make a date with yourself, and getstarted.

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